Applied mineral exploration methods, hydrothermal fluids, baro-acoustic decrepitation, CO2 rich fluids
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Upper Beaver, Ontario  Sample descriptions

  **** In order of plotting *****
H197     Sample# 1337B
cse grain magnetite  tr cpy , strongly magnetic, tr qz, minor vugs
One shaft area

H193     Sample# 1336C
med grain magnetite  tr cpy , strongly magnetic, vuggy
One shaft area

H194     Sample# 1336D
med grain magnetite  tr cpy , strongly magnetic, minor vugs minor qz
One shaft area

H179     Sample# 1332I
fine grained chlorite/magnetite, very magnetic  no S=

H177     Sample# 1332G
Chlorite/magnetite, much cpy, mod magnetic

H199     Sample# 1337D
fine grain magnetite  tr cpy , strongly magnetic, tr qz, NO vugs
One shaft area

H205     Sample# 1338D
fine grained magnetite, strongly magnetic
Background costeans near One shaft

H203     Sample# 1338B
very fine grained magnetite, mod magnetic, trace qz
Background costeans near One shaft

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