Applied mineral exploration methods, hydrothermal fluids, baro-acoustic decrepitation, CO2 rich fluids
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Comparison samples description

 ** Comparison plot,   Santiago FeOx poster   in plot order  **

H1310  Sample# 1940C  Can0 Agrium  1.0g  -420+200u  MAGNETIC
Agrium mine, timmins district, mag/haematite in carbonatite
Grey nedium grained massive magnetite

F216     Sample#
Tennant Creek  Warrego Gold ore, all magnetic, MUCH visible Au
Sample from Peko museum specimen

F192     Sample#  GTC10
Tennant Creek, haematite, non magnetics, Burnt Shirt prospect

G1997    Sample# 1433A     0.5g    -420+200u
Afton mine, BC

H179  Sample# 1332I  Upper beaver, Can  1.0g  -420+200u
fine grained chlorite/magnetite, very magnetic  no S=
Main shaft area

H1346  Sample# 1723A US97  FeOx  1.0g  -420+200u    MAGNETICS
Mountain Pass, costean. V coarse feldspar-magnetite
Coarse black magnetite, mag seperates

H1302  Sample# 1782  Can0 GBMZ  1.0gm  -420+200u
HLN-2  Hump Lake North, Surface  mag & hm metasediments, barren
med grained black specular hm cemented breccia

h1274  Sample# 1768 Can0 GBMZ  1.0g  -420+200u  magnetics
G384  RON surface (barren)
black mg magnetite-haematite, trace serpentine, martite Fe-stone - barren

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