Applied mineral exploration methods, hydrothermal fluids, baro-acoustic decrepitation, CO2 rich fluids
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El Romeral Fe mine, Chile.  Sample descriptions

  ***  Romeral comparison, Santiago,  in plot order ***

H1361   Sample# 1730  US97 FeOx  1.0g  -420+200u   weakly-magnetic
Romeral mine, Chile. Magnetite- S=  iron deposit, Art Bookstrom USGS sample
Banded mt/S=/silicates, green-grey, weakly magnetic

H1359  Sample# 1728A  US97 FeOx  1.0g  -420+200u   non-mag
Planet mine, Az. Cu/Fe mine, haematite, old Cu workings, next hill east of 1725
Black vuggy med grained haematite, non mag

H1163  Sample# 1703B US97 Feox  1.0g  -420+200u  mag fraction
Beuna Vista mine, pit Sth face, Humboldt complex, Nv. 10' thick horiz mt vein
Med grained qtz-mt.

H1179  Sample# 1710B  US97 FeOx   1.0g  -420+200   Magnetics
Beuna Vista mine, Humboldt Nv.   west stop 7, end shoebox trench
Med grain mag + silic, From anorthosite stable zone

H41    Sample# 1325A Cavanagh Fe ore mags  1.0 gm  -420+200mu
Minntac   Minnesota Taconite, current ore mill feed.
NEW sieve split of same sample

h160   Sample# 1476 Cavenagh   0.5g -420+200 u
LKAB super-concentrates   Kiruna mine, Sweeden
71.2% Fe, 0.2% SiO2, 0.3% V

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