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Sangan Fe skarn deposits, Iran - Sample descriptions

h2743 Sample#   A1      IR14 0.5g -420+200u"
Iran - Fatemeh Sepidbar                            "Coarse brown garnet, brecciated, with minor carbonate"

h2744 Sample#   B4      IR14 0.5g -420+200u"
Iran - Fatemeh Sepidbar                            "massive black magnetite, minor carbonate, weakly magnetic only"

h2745 Sample# C4        IR14 0.5g -420+200u"
Iran - Fatemeh Sepidbar                            "massive black magnetite, minor sulphide, moderately magnetic"

h2746 Sample# 2-13      IR14 1.0g -420+200u"
Iran - Fatemeh Sepidbar                             "brown-black vuggy haematite, non-magnetic. From volcanics."

h2747 Sample# 2-14       IR14 0.5g -420+200u"      ?Baryte hand separation
Iran - Fatemeh Sepidbar                            "coarse ?baryte and haematite, non-mag. does not react with 10% HCl, suspected baryte"

h2748 Sample# 2-14        IR14 0.5g -420+200u      haematite dominant hand separation       Acid washed repeat of run H2747
Iran - Fatemeh Sepidbar                             "coarse ?baryte and haematite, non-mag. Acid washed, but unreactive, suspected baryte"

h2749 Sample# 3-6          IR14 1.0g -420+200u       haematite
Iran - Fatemeh Sepidbar                             "brown-black vuggy haematite, non magnetic. From volcanics"

Microscope observations of grains used for analysis

h2744  IR14    B4  95% mag/haem grains. magnetic separated. But only weakly magnetic, so dominantly haematite.
Other minerals are mostly CO3 (has crystal faces)  in composite grains.
traces of white non-crystalline material.
no sulphide  Feox has speckled surfaces, not micaceous

h2745  IR14    C4  90%  mag/haem grains.  magnetic separated
Micaceous haematite with curved surfaces.
Very rare traces of sulphide. (hand specimen had more, but probably not magnetic)
most non-Feox are white, non-crystalline. Trace CO3.  no qtz?

h2743  IR14    A1  garnet   mag separated
 semi translucent light brown 95% garnet, trace quartz, minor magnetite / haematite  No sulphide
saw 1 nice octahedral Magnetite crystal

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