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Another cycle tour around the Adelaide hills, South Australia

During the annual "Tour Down Under" race event, January 2016.

2 weeks, 1300 Km.

route map adeleaide 2016

Here is a profile of this route. There are some climbs, but not too high and mostly not too long.

adelaide 2016 tour profile

The Adelaide hills region is a nice area for cycling, particularly during the "Tour Down Under" race in January each year because there are many other cyclists around.
Although most cyclists ride daily loops starting in Adelaide, I tour through the region staying in motels and with friends.

This 2 week tour started in Moonta with several local rides there before traveling east to Clare on a very hot 40 C day, a tough 130 Km ride across vast wheat-field plains and then up into the hills. The weather was cooler , but still over 30C for most of the other days. On one day each year there is a mass participation ride and I rode amongst some 8000 other cyclists to Victor Harbour to see the race finish on that day.

Adelaide is becoming a cycling-friendly city, with many roads now having marked cycle lanes. Recent legislation in SA requires motorists to give at least one metre clearance to cyclists and it seemed to me that motorists were more considerate towards cyclists this year in SA.

You can ride the coastal flat roads or venture up into the nearby hills for many interesting day-long rides. There are also good bicycle paths alongside the freeway up to Crafers (near Mt. Lofty) or beside the southern freeway to McLaren Vale.

Here is a detailed google earth map of the route.