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Cycling from Darwin to Adelaide

On the Stuart Highway, 3000 Km, paved

I have never cycled this route. It crosses vast sparsely inhabited areas of "outback" Australian semi-desert. I have worked in this region and it can be nice but I choose not to spend a month cycling across it.

But many cyclists do ride this route, so here is some vital information.

route map stuart highway australia

The best time to ride it is late May to mid September. From November through to March it can be extremely hot, greater than 40 C in the shade (which does not exist).
You should plan to carry plenty of water as you may ride all day without passing a service point where you can get water.

Francois rode this route from October 19 to November 18 and made these comments

   (But take note, these trucks have 3 trailers and can be dangerous. Cyclists have been killed, so always give them plenty of clearance and respect)

Ride safe!

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