Applied mineral exploration methods, hydrothermal fluids, baro-acoustic decrepitation, CO2 rich fluids
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Cycle route from Spain to Switzerland

Summer, 2007

Although this tour was during July, there were many rainstorms and I changed my route daily to avoid rain as much as possible. This resulted in the very convoluted route across central France.

In Spain I went to the Picos de Europa park, a very nice cycling area with high mountains.

I went to Bertren, near Luchon in the French Pyrenees for several days to ride some of the famous tour de France climbs.

In Switzerland I deliberately rode a convoluted route from Bern to Zurich to enjoy many mountain passes in the alps.

I rode this tour on a cheap bike I purchased in Spain, which I donated to a student when I left Zurich 2 months later.

spain to switzerland map

The route from Bern to Zurich was chosen to cross 2 mountain passes each day.

bern to zurich routemap