Applied mineral exploration methods, hydrothermal fluids, baro-acoustic decrepitation, CO2 rich fluids
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East Kemptville Sn samples

Kingsley Burlinson
Burlinson Geochemical Services Pty. Ltd.
Darwin, NT, Australia

Samples collected in 1999 after mine closure. Limited access only to dumps and mined out pit face.


Run h1598.tb2, Sample 2001A, Semi transl coarse white qz with cassiterite
Run h1600.tb2, Sample 2001B, Semi transl. coarse white qz., equivalent to 2001C but larger lump
Run h1602.tb2, Sample 2001C, Semi transl. coarse white qz. Equiv to 2001B but smaller lump and clearer qz.


Run h1603.tb2, Sample 2002A, Semi transl. coarse grey-white qz. Eminor chlorite
Run h1604.tb2, Sample 2002B, Milky coarse grey-white qz. Equiv to 2002C
Run h1605.tb2, Sample 2002C, Milky & semi transl coarse grey-white qz. Equiv to 2002C