Applied mineral exploration methods, hydrothermal fluids, baro-acoustic decrepitation, CO2 rich fluids
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Hall and Mt Hope run number to sample number cross-index

RUN #    Sample #
g1529    30-360                      These samples are from Shaver's museum collection and field location information is not available
g1530    30-335
g1531    30-650
g1532    36-183
g1533    91-465
g1534    36-572
g1535    91-575
g1536    E-5-1
g1537    96-73
g1538    53-952
g1540    102-866
g1541    96-492
g1542    43-1922
g1543    43-1759
g1544    91-617
g1545    96-325
g1546    60-616
g1547    91-537

g1637    1186a                       These samples were collected on a tour of the deposit in 1990
g1639    1187a
g1641    1187B
g1642    1187C
g1644    1188a
g1645    1188B
g1646    1189a
g1647    1189B
g1648    1190A
g1649    1190b
g1650    1190C
g1651    1191a
g1652    1191B
g1654    1191c
g1655    1192A
g1656    1192b
g1657    1192C
g1658    1193A
g1659    1193b
g1661    1193C
g1662    1193D
g1663    1194a
g1664    1194b
g1665    1194C
g1666    1194D
g1667    1195a
g1668    1195B
g1669    1195C 

Mt Hope samples        Collected in 1995

h430    1573
h431    1574
h432    1575
h433    1576A
h434    1576B
h435    1577A
h436    1577B
h437    1577C
h438    1578A
h439    1578B
H440    1578C
H441    1579A
H442    1579B
H443    1579C
H444    1579D
H445    1579E

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