Applied mineral exploration methods, hydrothermal fluids, baro-acoustic decrepitation, CO2 rich fluids
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Ballarat Region

Presumably unmineralised quartz from the university grounds near Ballarat.

3 samples from surface quartz outcrop from the grounds of the Ballarat university were collected.  These were presumed to be distant to mineralisation.  These 3 samples show 2 distinct types of quartz, with 2 of the samples having high CO2 levels which might indicate a relation with gold mineralisation despite  the lack of known nearby workings.

The university area is less than 5Km south of major mines in Ballarat and only about 2 Km north of extensive mines in Bunniyong. In addition, some old deep lead  alluvial workings nearby appear to have been sourced from the university area. It seems likely that the quartz from the University grounds is either mineralised or related to mineralisation and these samples cannot reliably be considered as unmineralised background controls.

Run h82, Sample 1467A, Very milky, wh qz
Run h83, Sample 1467B, Milky, semi-transl wh qz
Run h84, Sample 1467C, Milky, semi-transl wh qz

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