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GAC/MAC Tanco Tour Sunday May 26, 1996

tanco underground mine stop map

Mine location stops map

Stop Location Zone
Number Stope (floor) Number            Geologic Feature

1 12/14-SRR (190) 8 High grade pollucite core of the Pollucite Zone.
2 16-SNN/SPP (184) 5/8 Low Grade Pollucite: a mixture of Pollucite Zone and Upper Intermediate (Spodumene) Zone.
3 16-SNN/SPP (184) 5 Upper Intermediate Zone - Spodumene-Quartz lntergrowth (SQUI) after primary petalite .
4 11-SU (190) 5 An approximately 10 metre "Tancocrystic" K-feldspar crystal in the Upper Intermediate Zone.
5 9-SP/SQ (190) 5 A single petalite pseudomorph; also amblygonite, petalite and pollucite found in the area.
6 14-SM (190) 9 The Upper Southwest Zone Lepidolite Zone
7 7-H (330) 7 & 3 Typical Quartz Zone. Contact with the Saccharoidal Albite Zone can be observed. The only known location at Tanco where cleaveable quartz can be seen in situ.
8 10-H (330) 2 Typical Wall Zone displaying megacrystic K-feldspar crystals.
9 21-N (305) 6 Central Intermediate Zone: the lower portion of a tantalum zone (O-Zone) in close proximity to a Quartz Zone.

The "Lookout" A good view of room and pillar mining method.
11 12-N (330) 4 Banded aplite in the Lower Intermediate Zone in close proximity to the Central Intermediate Zone.
12 14-N (350) 2 "Hayward's Horse": A xenolith of host metagabbro (amphibolite) within Zone 20. Such xenoliths generally generate their own surrounding Wall Zone (Zone 20)
13 Refuge Room 4 Typical Lower Intermediate Zone showing diverse (1st Level Stn.) mineralogy (lithian muscovites, SQUI, cookeite,K-feldspars, Na-feldspar).

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