Applied mineral exploration methods, hydrothermal fluids, baro-acoustic decrepitation, CO2 rich fluids
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Bibliography of recent Decrepitation articles

(In date order)

BURLINSON, K. (1980) - Fluid inclusion procedures for exploration - a literature survey. Company report. 28pp.
(A 4.2 Mbyte pdf of this old report is here)

BURLINSON, K. (1981) - Decrepitometry Application Note 1, Porphyry type deposits. Company Report. 8pp.

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BURLINSON, K. (1984) - Exploration for gold at Pine Creek and Tennant Creek, N.T. and at Halls Creek, W.A. using the fluid inclusion decrepitation technique [extended abstract,  as a pdf file]Aust.I.M.M. Darwin Conference, 1984, 373-375. 

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MAVROGENES, J.A., BODNAR, R.J., GRANEY, J.R., McQUEEN, K.G. and BURLINSON, Kingsley (1995) - Comparison of decrepitation, microthermometric and compositional characteristics of fluid inclusions in barren and auriferous mesothermal quartz veins of the Cowra Creek gold district, New South Wales, Australia. J. Geochem. Explor. 54, 167-176.

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BURLINSON, K (2001) - Fluid Inclusions for exploration - the acoustic decrepitation method. 20th International Geochemical Exploration Symposium, Santiago de Chile, May 2001. (Abstract only).  Full presentation     Poster  

POUTIAINEN, M. and PARTAMIES, A. (2003) - Fluid inclusion characteristics of Auriferous quartz veins in archean and paleaoproterozoic greenstone belts of eastern and southern Finland.  Econ. Geol V98, 7, 1355-1370.

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BURLINSON, K. (2006) - Acoustic decrepitation as a rapid means of determining CO2 (and other gas) content of inclusion fluids and its use in exploration. An explanation of the acoustic decrepitation behaviour of gas rich fluid inclusions. First Asia Current Research on Fluid Inclusion meeting (ACROFI-I), Nanjing, China, May 2006. (Abstract only).

BURLINSON, K. (2006) - Decrepitation results from Shandong and Hebei gold mines - Auriferous fluids without CO2First Asia Current Research on Fluid Inclusion meeting (ACROFI-I), Nanjing, China, May 2006. (Abstract only).

BURLINSON, K. (2006) - Hydrothermal fluid chemistry in exploration. Acoustic decrepitation as a method of locating potentially auriferous quartz systems formed from CO2 rich fluids. Aust. earth sciences convention 2006 (18th AGC), Melbourne, Australia, July 2006. (Extended Abstract only as pdf file).

BURLINSON, K. (2007) - Acoustic Decrepitation as a means of rapidly determining CO2 (and other gas) contents in fluid inclusions and its use in exploration, with examples from gold mines in the Shandong and Hebei provinces, China. Acta Geologica Sinica. 2007, V23, 65-71. (Full paper).

BURLINSON, K. (2007) - An updated understanding of acoustic emission decrepitation. ECROFI 14, Bern, July 2007. (Abstract only) (Full presentation)

BURLINSON, K. (2007) Exploration for gold using fluid inclusions - the acoustic decrepitation technique. With examples from Hebei, China and El penon, Chile. 23rd IAG symposium, Spain, June 2007. (Extended abstract)  Full presentation

BURLINSON, K. (2008) - An updated understanding of the baro-acoustic decrepitation method. Second Asian Current Research on Fluid Inclusion meeting (ACROFI-II), Kharagpur, India, Nov 2008. (Extended Abstract).  Full paper  here (as html)

BURLINSON, K. (2009) - Gold exploration using fluid inclusions. Geosciences NZ annual meeting, Nov. 2009, Oamaru. (Abstract only)

BURLINSON, K. (2010) - Gold exploration using baro-acoustic decrepitation. International Mineralogical Association meeting, Budapest, July 2010. (Abstract only).     [Full presentation]

BURLINSON, K., MERNAGH, T., GABOURY, D.,  JIUHUA Xu,  and LONGHUALIN (2012) - Fluid inclusion studies using opaque minerals.   ACROFI-4 meeting, Brisbane 2012.   [Full presentation]

BURLINSON, K. 2013 - Geochemical exploration using palaeo-hydrothermal fluids. SGA 2013 meeting, Uppsala, Sweden. (oral presentation)

BURLINSON, K. 2013 - A discussion to point out errors in H2 analyses of fluid inclusion volatiles by mass spectrometry. Economic Geology, August 2013 V108 #5 p1211.

Marta Sośnicka, Ronald J. Bakker, Curt Broman, Iain Pitcairn, Ihor Paranko & Kingsley Burlinson. Fluid types and their genetic meaning for the BIF-hosted iron ores, Krivoy Rog, Ukraine.  Ore Geology Reviews 68 (2015) 171194      Extract (PDF file)(3.5 Mbyte) here

Fatemeh Sepidbar, Hassan Mirnejad, Jian-Wei Li, Chunjing Wei, Luke L. George, Kingsley Burlinson.  Mineral geochemistry of the Sangan skarn deposit, NE Iran: Implication for the evolution of hydrothermal fluid.      Chemie der Erde (2017)          (PDF file, 5.8Mbyte here)

BURLINSON, K. 2017 Gold deposition from heterogeneous aqueous, CO2-rich fluids: resolving the enigmatic and misleading hypothesis of deposition from CO2 only fluids.  (On this website)

Solomon Geda, 2019  The role of intrusions in orogenic poly-phase gold mineralization in the Okote area, southern Ethiopia.  (On this website) 

K. Burlinson,  Dec 2017, July 2019

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